Dear Friends,

I bring you greetings from the Waldorf Lutheran College Foundation Board of Directors.

I am writing this letter shortly after conclusion of Waldorf University’s 2020-2021 academic year. And what a year it was with the coronavirus pandemic, serious racial justice issues, a very contentious election and a country more divided than I have ever seen it. It is my sense that while the university had to deal with and through these difficult issues, it was also able to stay the course and the “Waldorf experience” you are all familiar with was much more “normal” than you might expect. The university was able to continue with “in-person” classes, a luxury not matched by a majority of colleges and universities.

I have often talked about the foundation’s three missions of providing scholarship support to Waldorf students, supporting a vibrant campus ministry program and maintaining strong alumni and community relations. In the over 10 years that I have chaired the foundation board I have written letters in each issue of the Waldorf magazine in which I explain how we have been able to excel in fulfilling those missions. This has only been possible because of the financial support which we have received from you as members of the “Waldorf family.” As an example, in the spring 2021 issue of the Waldorf Magazine, I told the story of three Waldorf football players who came to Waldorf from large urban areas. I did learn a lot about Waldorf football from talking to these three students and members of the Waldorf football coaching staff but, wow, I learned much more about the players’ Waldorf experiences and I also discovered that the Waldorf coaches were teaching these guys much more than football! All three of these young men came from difficult home situations. Like many other students they talked of some “shock” when they saw how small the university and the community were and none of them realized that it could actually get that cold in winter! While each young man story was unique they did share the view that Waldorf had given them the opportunity to better themselves as persons and grow into the man that they wanted to be. Each credits the football coaches with being great mentors and they said that they had learned life lessons that they would cherish for the rest of their lives thanks to these coaches and their teammates. It was my impression that each young man had matured significantly since coming to Waldorf and that each had a firm sense of what it means to be truly successful and a plan to make that happen.

I could go on and on with countless other stories showing how Waldorf University does indeed change lives “one life at a time.” I love my work with the Waldorf Foundation because I know we are making a difference.

Please support the Waldorf foundation so we can, through scholarships, allow more young people to have the life-changing experience offered at Waldorf University.

ray beebe signature

Raymond M. Beebe
Chair, Waldorf Lutheran College Foundation
Board of Directors Recipient of Honorary Doctor of Humane Letters, Waldorf University, 2021
Retired Vice President, General Counsel and
Secretary at Winnebago Industries, Inc.