Alumni Relations

The mission of the Waldorf Alumni Association is to encourage and cultivate lifelong Waldorf relationships that provide mutual benefit to alumni, students, and the university through active alumni involvement; meaningful communication; and enthusiastic commitment to the Waldorf mission and vision.

As a graduate, you will gain automatic access to the Waldorf Alumni Association to stay connected with your alma mater.  Alumni Association benefits include:

  • Complimentary subscription to monthly alumni e-newsletter
  • Access to bi-annual Waldorf University Magazine either via mail or email
  • Notice of social or career networking events in your area
  • Opportunities to network with hundreds of Waldorf alumni via the Waldorf University LinkedIn page and at Waldorf University Alumni Association Facebook page
  • Learning Partner status with Waldorf University (Waldorf Online benefit = 10% tuition discount; Waldorf Residential = $500 first-year scholarship for family members).
  • Access to employment opportunities through the Waldorf University Career Center