Assoc. of Congregations Constitution

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Affirmation and Purpose: We affirm that salvation is by grace through faith in Jesus Christ, son of God the Father and the sustaining power of the Holy Spirit.  The Waldorf Lutheran Association of Congregations, in conjunction with the Waldorf Lutheran College Foundation, will support and promote an active campus Christian ministry at Waldorf College. This ministry may include worship opportunities, the religious growth of the students, faculty and staff, and leadership for campus activities.  The Waldorf Lutheran Association of Congregations will also support the Waldorf Lutheran College Foundation’s work to provide student scholarships and communicate college / foundation news to alumni and the community.

ARTICLE I.  Annual Meeting or Special Meeting of the Association

The annual meeting of the Waldorf Lutheran Association of Congregations (herein after referred to as the Association) shall be held at a location on the campus of Waldorf College in Forest City, Iowa, any day between August 1 and October 31 of each year.  The Chair of the Waldorf Lutheran College Foundation or the President of the Association shall have the authority to call an annual or special meeting.  In addition, if 20% of the member congregations deliver a request for a special meeting describing the reason for which it is to be held, the Board is obligated to call a special meeting.  Written notice and agenda of annual and special meetings of the Association shall be delivered to members no less than ten nor more than fifty days before the date of the meeting.  At the annual meeting, officers of the Association shall be elected, and there shall be transacted such other business as may properly come before the Association.

ARTICLE II. Officers

The Association shall have three officers:  President, Vice President, and Secretary.  These officers shall be elected for a term of three years, and whose terms shall begin at the close of the annual meeting at which they are elected.  No person on the salaried staff of Waldorf College or the Waldorf Lutheran College Foundation is eligible to be an officer of the Association.  No person shall hold office longer than two consecutive full terms.

The President of the Association shall preside at all meetings of the Association and shall have the deciding vote in case of a tie.  The President shall serve on the Foundation Board. The Vice President shall perform the duties of the President when the President is absent.  In the case of the absence of both the President and the Vice President, a presiding officer may be chosen from among the Association delegates attending who shall be called President pro tem and who shall have all the powers conferred upon the President.

The Secretary shall keep a record of the proceedings of all the meetings of the Association and shall attend to the correspondence of the Association.

Together, the President, Vice President and Secretary constitute the Executive Committee of the Association.

ARTICLE III.  Management of Financial Issues

All financial transactions of the Association shall be managed by the Waldorf Lutheran College Foundation.

ARTICLE IV.  Members

Membership is open to any Lutheran congregation.  Members must sign a membership covenant and actively participate in the Association by attending meetings, praying and advocating for Waldorf College and supporting the Waldorf Lutheran College Foundation with a financial gift on an annual basis.  If a member is inactive after two years, a notice will be sent to remind them of their responsibilities.  If the church remains inactive after six more months, they will no longer be considered part of the Association. Each member congregation may have as many delegates as they wish, but each congregation is only entitled to one vote in the election of Association officers and the conducting of Association business.

The above constitution was duly adopted by the Waldorf Lutheran Association of Congregations on the 25th day of August, 2011.