Corwin Jacobson ’55 update

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Corwin Jacobson lived on a farm west of Lake Mills, Iowa. His brother, Marvin, was a mechanic and found a 35 Chevy for $50 which Corwin drove to Waldorf College daily for one year before attending Iowa State University to become a mechanical engineer.

From 1957 to 1977 he was an engineer at Honeywell Military Products Division in Hopkins, near Minneapolis, Minn. It was there that he married Sharol Ploster and bought his first house. They had two sons. After Sharol earned her PhD. at the University of Minnesota, they went to San Antonio for five years. While waiting to sell their house in Minnetonka, Corwin wrote a book “Zero Car Depreciation.”

In San Antonio, Corwin went into real estate until he found an engineering job. They later moved to Oklahoma City where they lived for 18 years. He was on the AWAS aircraft program – reliability, safety, human factors — and wrote policy and procedure manuals, etc. He also designed a round slide rule for probability and confidence levels.

Cars were always a hobby for Corwin. He has owned 99 (only four were new). He and Sharol currently live in Tuscaloosa, AL. He can be reached at

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