Why Give?

Why Give?

The Waldorf Lutheran College Foundation serves as a link between Waldorf’s past and the future. It is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and supports three major priorities: student scholarships, campus ministry, and alumni relations/communications.

If you are like the majority of alumni from Waldorf or most any other college, there is a good chance you received some form of a scholarship to help make college more affordable to you when you were a student.   Your scholarship was likely in direct response to a private gift that was made to the college by an alumnus who had gone before you.  If you are grateful for the person Waldorf helped you become, you can pay it forward by making a gift to scholarships.  Your gift will help allow someone else to have their own life-changing Waldorf experience.

If you are interested in the spiritual journey of young adults, you can make a gift to campus ministry to help pay for Bible study curriculum, a part-time campus ministry coordinator position and graduate assistant position, the cost of upcoming mission trips so any student who would like to participate will not be denied based on an inability to pay for the trip, and more.

If you enjoy receiving the Waldorf Magazine and attending area alumni events, you can designate your gift to Alumni Relations to make sure they continue.  These things are made possible through private gifts.

Now you can help students with the rising cost of higher education.  Now you can help Waldorf students pursue their career goals and realize their dreams through education.  Now you can nurture the spiritual growth of Waldorf students during a critical time in their lives.  Now you can make sure you keep updated on your classmates and other college / foundation news.  Now you can help make all of this possible by making a gift to:

Waldorf Lutheran College Foundation
106 S. 6th Street
Forest City, IA  50436

OR make a gift online.

Please designate your gift if you would like it to go towards one of the above priorities.  Thank you for your consideration.